Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Percent Homework

Use mental math to determine each of the following.
a. 150% of $5 b. 0.1% of $1000 c. 1½% of $20000


a. 150% of $5

150% of $5 is $7.50.

b. 0.1% of $1000

0.1% of $1000 is $1.

c. 1½% of $20000

1½% of $ 20000 is $300.

Determine the percent of each number.
a. 160% of $53.27 b. ¾% of 135 c. 55 8/10% of 500


a. 160% of $53.27

160% of $53.27 is $85.23.

b. ¾% of 135

¾% of 135 is 1.01.

c. 55 8/10% of 500

55 8/10% of 500 is 279.

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  1. Good Job Ysablle there were some questions I didnt get on the homeworks thanks. yOu did a great job with the pictures they were very neat!

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