Sunday, December 19, 2010

Julibella's Pay It Forward.

Part 1

Pay It Forward is an act of kindness where you don't expect anything in return. It's an idea that one person could make a difference in the world. In the movie, a boy is given an assignment to try and change the world. He comes up with this idea where he helps three people, who then have to help another three and "Pay It Forward". He doesn't expect them to give back to him, but to pass this on.

Part 2

My Pay It Forward act of kindness was giving toys to the children's hostipal, and handing out candy canes with cards. My group was Diorella, Marilen, Marie, and Angel. I chose this activity because I wanted to wish the kids and adults a Merry Christmas and I wanted to make them happy and just to see their smiles on their faces. We helped sick kids in the Children's Hostipal, and also people just around Winnipeg. We made our own cards that read, "Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.You've been hit by an act of kindness. Pay it forward." We also bought toys for the Children's Hospital. When we got to the hostipal a lady came to picked up the toys. After, we went to Polo Park to hand out cards and candy canes. We did our act of kindness on Saturday, December 18, 2010.

Part 3

Our act of kindness went well when we were at the hospital. We had to wait a little bit for the lady to come and pick up the toys. The lady that took the toys was very kind, kind enough to allow us to take a picture with us. I felt like we make a lot of children happy with all the toys we bought for them. I wish we were able to give the toys personally to the children. So we could see their smiling faces, but just knowing that we made kids smile just made my day. I am glad that we chose to go to the Children's hospital.

When we went to Polo Park we were going to hand out the cards with candy canes to people Diorella dressed up as an elf and Marie dressed up as Santa. We handed one to a mom with 3 kids and one security guard. We went to the washroom to fix Marie's costume and when we came out there were a bunch of security guards. One of the security guards said that we weren't allowed to hand out candy canes to people under administration rules. We were all kind of bummed. We even hand our friends dress up in costumes all for nothing, but instead of standing around doing nothing we decided to put the cards with candy canes on the windshields of cars. It was cold outside, but knowing that we could make people smile kept us going.

Part 4

The idea of "Pay It Forward" is important because knowing that just one person can make a difference in the would is amazing. Imagine what a group of people could do. It doesn't matter what you look like, where you live, who you are, or what you do, what matters is the impact it will make on the world. Whether it's from saving someone's life to just giving a person a smile or your attention can do a lot for the world, every bit that we do counts.

I honestly think that my act of kindness truly made a big difference in someone's life. We gave the kids at the Children's Hospital hope, and we let them know that someone out there cares. We made a difference in every single person we gave a card too. We showed them that we cared and one thing could change the world. Also, it has made a difference on me. I've learned that even the smallest thing could change the world and that if we come together we could make a great difference in each and everyone's lives. This is something that I will continue to pass on and keep in my head and heart.



  1. Great Pay it Forward, I'm sure your group made lots of kids happy. Also you kept going even though you had to do it outside in the cold, great job.

  2. Great job Julibella and the others. I thought you did really well and i'm sure that it will make a difference in someone's life.

  3. Great job, Julibella! I really liked your video. Did they let you donate toys to the Children Hospital like a walk-in because when I tried calling them they said they probably won't accept them and transfered me 3 times to 3 sectors of the hospital. I'm assuming they thought it was a bomb.

  4. Great video, Julibella. I'm sure that'll make the kids happy. Great job.

  5. This is awesome, J.B.! Lots of writing, and explaining, and the video was cool too! Hope that the kids get happy with all those presents! It makes me happy just to think about it! Good Job, Julibella!