Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kim`s Scribe Post

The questions I chose to do were 3, 4, and 11.

3. Use mental math to determine each of the following.
a) 300% of 2000
b) 1 ¼ of 60
c) 0.1% of 40

4. Use mental math to find the following.
a) 20% of 60
b) 250% of 400
c) 10 ½% of 100

11. The area of Canada is approximately 9 984 670 km². The area of Manitoba is about 6 ½% of the area of Canada. What is the area of Manitoba to the nearest square kilometre?

Here's a link about percents.

Here's a video about percents.


  1. Sorry I couldn't add any colour again. It didn't work so I just bolded it.

  2. Great post Kim, I liked that you have the work for the questions. I know at sometimes computers don't like to cooperate.

  3. Great job, Kim! Perfectionist as always. I enjoyed reading your post.

  4. Great job Kim. It looks very organized and neat. I also like your pictures and it was big and clear enough for us to read. I also can't add any color to my posts. Great job.

  5. Great job I really liked your post its great!!!!!