Sunday, December 19, 2010

Paul's Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward is a project were 1 person will do an act of kindness to 3 people. In the movie a boy named Trevor thought of this idea to help a homeless man, his teacher Mr. Simonet and his friend that is being bullied. He thought his pay it forward didn't work but actually it did. it spread through from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. His act of kindness spreads like a tree growing or like a chain. Sadly, at the end when he tries to stand up on the bullies, he got stabbed and passed away.

My act of kindness for Pay It Forward is that I made cards with candy canes. On the card it said "Pay it Forward" on the front, then when you open it, it says what were doing and why were doing pay it forward. At the back of the card it either says "Happy holidays" for people that doesn't celebrate Christmas and "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" for the people that do celebrate Christmas. I
did my Pay It Forward with Kevin H and Vincent M. We went around the neighborhoods giving it to people, We chose this activity because it's something that we would like to work hard on and giving the cards out with the efforts we put into it. Also it is another way of letting more people know about " Pay It Forward ". We didn't have any specific people to help, we mostly helped strangers that we pass by and we passed by some friends. We gave them cards and candy canes with suggestions inside on how to help the environment. We did our Pay It Forward in December 18, 2010 starting at 2:00-6:00 pm.

These are the two guys that we thought really understood Pay It Forward. They really said that they would like to help and they really thought what we were doing was cool.

Another person is this old man shoveling snow, we approached him and told him about Pay It Forward. He even asked " Do I Pay this Forward ? " and we said " yes, you could pay it forward in anyway".

Our act of kindness really went well because over half of the cards we made have been given to many people and left on many car windshields. It was really fun talking to many people that care about the cause. We also passed through some friends along the way. I felt really happy because we gave out lots of cards with candy canes. Also that we made lots of people happy, but some of the people that we approached didn't want that card so we felt really sad about that. Some people acted surprised, some felt happy for taking the cards but some just took it and acted like it was just nothing. We really asked a lot of people to pay it forward because on the card it says " Pay It Forward" and what pay it forward is. Lots of people reacted a little confused for the request so we had to explain it more in details. If we really didn't ask the person to pay it forward, it's probably because that person acted like the card and our efforts was just nothing.

Pay It Forward is a great idea because it tells more people that you can do anything to change someones life. Our act of kindness has made a difference by letting more people now about "Pay It Forward" and making them know that they could make a change for someones life.

Here is a short video about our Pay It Forward adventure.



  1. Cool video you guys! What kind of notes did you add with your candy canes?

  2. Wow,that's a really bold deed you guys did. I'm also interested in what you said in your cards.

  3. Great video guys. I am glad that people actually care about the cause. I hope they pay it forward.

  4. I put the details on the blog. It says " Pay It Forward" on the front. In side it says what were doing and why were doing it. At the back it either says "Happy Holidays" for the people that don't celebrate christmas or " Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" if they do celebrate Christmas.

  5. Nice video, Paul. I liked how you expand your answers. Also, it was a nice idea to give people christmas cards. I'm sure they'll pay it forward.