Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chelsea's Pay it Forward

Part One:

"Pay it Forward" is a movie about a boy named Trevor, who is just starting Junior High. In his Social Studies class, his teacher, Mr. Simonet has asked him and his class about what they can do to change the world. Trevor had an idea of helping 3 people, and then telling those 3 to help another 3 and vice versa. He isn't expecting anything in return, but he's telling them to pass it on to more and more people.

Part Two:

What I did as my act of kindness, is that I went to one of my parents' legion workplace (at the Anavets #238), to help out there in the kitchen for the banquet, as well as the bingo hall, by counting the chips and assisting the young employees, who were close to my age.

I chose this activity, because I knew that both my mom and my dad are working very hard everyday at 2 of our legion locations, and trust me, it is very hard work. So, I decided to try and help them both on the busiest days, which are usually Fridays due to a lot of people coming in for banquets and especially bingo night.

I helped both of my parents, inside the kitchen. I also helped with 2 young employees, Courtney and Nicole in the bingo hall, as well as my mom's friend's kids who also work there. I did quite a lot of work, considering it was nearly packed, such as helping to wash the many dishes in the sink, putting back the extra dinner rolls back in its bags and even doing a bit of math by calculating the food orders that have been given to my dad. I did this act of kindness on Friday, December 17, 2010 right after school, since it was the only chance I got to do this project, before its due date.

Part Three:

My act of kindness turned out very well, and I wasn't expecting to be so exhausted at the end of the day. But, I managed to go through helping everyone who needed help.
Apparently, I got some great reactions from the people I was helping out. I didn't manage to get it on video, for we were in a rush because it was so busy. One of the seniors who was eating at the banquet asked if I was going to get paid at the end of the day. I replied, "Nope, I'm only paying it forward, and I'm not expecting anything in return.". So, basically, all of the employees and staff working at the bingo and in the kitchen were all very pleased that I had been helping them, meaning, my expectations of what their reaction were going to be were correct.

After 5 hours of assisting and helping, I felt very proud of myself for what I was doing to help my parents job. To be honest, I did not tell any of the employees to pay it forward. The reason is, is that because they already are in a way that is different (they get their pay at the end of each month, I believe). I trust what they are doing and that is why I didn't tell them to pay it forward.

Part Four:

The idea of paying it forward is important, because it can make a difference in someone's life, as well as the community and environment around you. My act of kindness has really made a difference at the Anavets. It made the banquet operate smoothly, as well as the bingo hall with all the seniors ordering food and beverages. It was a great experience working at the legion with many people I had just met on that day and whenever I can, I want to go back there and help again, and I actually will, in 2 years.


  1. That looks fun, but exhausting! That is nice of you to return to help your parents again! You are a great of Pay It Forward in action!

  2. Your act of kindness must have been really fun but it doesn't really matter because i'm sure they really appreciate what you did.

  3. What a helpful idea Chelsea. That must of been exhausting but very much appreciated. Great job.

  4. Wow, great job chelsea. From those pictures it does look hard. I'm pretty sure your parents and all those people appreciates it.