Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Homework Book Page 42-43 Questions 1-3

1.Label each example with the mental math strategy it represents: halving, doubling or dividing by then
a)1% of $66
10% of $66=$6.60
1% of 66=$0.66 Dividing by 10

b)5% of 180
10% of 180=18
5% of 180=9 Halving

c)20% of $3.20
10% of $3.20=$0.32
20% of $3.20=$0.64

2.Circle the terms that correctly complete this statement.



  1. Good job Vincent. Your pictures really shows how you get it. Add some color to your post to make it better. I think you should make your answer in #2 bigger because it's too small and it's not easy to read. And also add some links or video to your post. Other than that, good job.

  2. Great job, Vincent. Your post was very neat and organized. I liked how you showed your work using pictures. Next time, add some color. Also add a video and a link to enhance your post. Overall, good job.

  3. Great job, Vincent! I really liked your pictures because it demonstrated that you know what you're doing. Next time add a video for further information.

  4. Great post Vincent. It looks very neat and organized. Your pictures were also big and easy to read. Next time add a video and a link to make your post better. Other than that, great job.

  5. Great job Vincent, Iliked that you have yourpost explined in great details. Also the pictures are in great size to read. Next time add a link and video to get your post in more straight forward to the topic.