Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jieram's Pay It Forward

Part 1
The movie Pay it Forward is a movie an 11 year old boy named Trevor. He tries to make a difference in the world for the better, after receiving an assignment given by his social studies teacher, Mr. Simonet. His plan is to do something nice for three people. Instead of paying Trevor back, the three people have to "pay it forward" to three other people each. It shows that the group made a big difference on people who receive the favor and to those who were paying it forward. By the end of the movie, the "Pay it Forward" group grew really big as more people paid their job to Trevor who died from a fight.

Part 2

Our pay it forward act was to donate clothes and toys. We chose this activity because some people can’t afford the the stuff we have access to everyday. So the more we donate, they will have more access to the stuff we have today. We helped all the people without clothes or toys. We did this project on December 19, 2010.

Part 3

Our act of kindness went very well. We had to wait a few minutes outside for people to answer the door though. We felt very happy and feel like doing another project like this again. The person reacted maturely, and was smiling brightly. We were going to ask the people to “Pay It Forward” but we couldn’t because the thrift store was going to close soon.

Part 4

The "Pay It Forward" activty is important because lots of people without homes can't have anything wealthy people can. Our act of kindness helped people without clothes and toys. It even helped them celebrate Christmas because of the toys we gave them. It also prepare them for the winter because we gave them clothing. They are lucky we gave them coats because winter is very cold.


  1. Great job Jieram, I'm sure those unfortunate people that don't have clothes will be happy to accept your kind donations. Next time stick with one font for your blog.

  2. Well done Jieram, the goods you dontated will make some people very happy, and they will be very apreciated. Again, great job.

  3. That was generous of you to donate some of your things to a thrift store! I hope that people will appreciate the clothes, but please next time use only one type of font because it really hurts peoples' eyes.

  4. Great job Jieram. It was so nice of you guys to donate your clothes and toys to them and I'm sure they will really appreciate it.