Monday, December 6, 2010


Percent Problem:
Over five years, the circulation of a magazine increased from 25000 copies to 150000 copies. What percent is the new circulation of the circulation from five years ago? What is this percent as a decimal and a fraction?

For this problem, we would want to use the math information given to us:
-5 years of circulation
-25000 copies
-150000 copies

Fraction out of 1oo.

OF means the denominator of the fraction.

Now, to solve this problem, we are going to use proportion.

Fraction: 600/1oo or 1/6
Percent: 600%
Decimal: 600%/100=6
Here's a video to help you:

Here's a website I found on percents:

*Remember* Do pages 40-41 in the homework book, also for our class, we have a Social Studies Test tomorrow, so don't forget to study! I hope everyone does well:)


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  3. Great post, Sandra. It was very neat. I liked how you explained your work using a picture. Thanks for reminding us for the homework and the social studies test we're having tomorrow. This helps me alot. Next time, you should make your link into a word. Overall, you did a great job.

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  5. Great job Sandra. Your work is neat and I like the way you color the questions. I think your link is nice. Thanks for reminding us to do pages 40-41 in our homework book.

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