Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kevin's Pay It Forward

1. Pay it forward is a project started by a boy named Trevor as a school assignment. This project meant he helped 3 people in particular a homeless man named Jerry, his teacher who gave him the assignment Mr.Simonet, and his friend Adam who is being bullied. Trevor then explains to his class how he helps 3 people and those 3 people help another 3. Trevor's pay it forward act succeeded but as a result of helping Adam he was stabbed and passed away. Towns people felt saddened that after all those acts of kindness he passed away, so they all showed empathy and went to show respect at his house.

2. My act of kindness towards pay it forward was done with Paul M. and Vincent M. We decided to hand out candy canes with cards that explain pay it forward, the idea to save electricity, and wishing people happy holidays. We decided to choose this idea because the holidays are coming up and it would be a fun way to keep the spirit of holidays alive, it was also to spread the word about energy consumption. I think we helped people who had a big energy consumption rate and people who really didn't care about the holidays. For this project we took effort into making the cards which took an hour, but took longer to actually hand them out and then we had to edit it all into a presentable video. We did our act of kindness on Saturday, December 18 at 2 - 7pm (including editing time) at Paul's house.

This photo was taken quickly before we rushed outside to hand them out.
(Left)Paul M. (Middle)Vincent M. (Right)Kevin H

This is our video for pay it forward. Hope you enjoy!

3. I think our act of kindness went really well! We planned ahead and it all worked out except for missing Paulo because he couldn't go. Some people really cared like the 2 guys in the video and an old man who actually said he was gonna pay it forward. While we were handing it out some people really didn't care and ignored us. But knowing we are actually doing something good it made me feel really generous. Some people acted surprised kids were doing this kind of school project. Some people acted annoyed that we took up their time. Other than the cards telling people to pay it forward we told anyone we saw to pay it forward. They acted confused not knowing what it was, until we explained it and showed them the inside of the card. If we didn't tell someone to pay it forward it's probably because they really didn't want to contribute to the concept of pay it forward. I won't judge them but they are going to regret what they're doing.

4. Pay it forward is a very interesting idea because it alerts people to make a change in either the environment or someones life. Our act of kindness kind of helped both categories because we gave people Christmas cheer and we told people to save electricity. I will always remember this fun experience and I hope I can get the chance to do it again.

Please check out my partners Paul and Vincent's post!


  1. Nice descriptive photo! Pink! That was nice of you to hand out candy canes to random strangers.

  2. Great idea on asking people to save electricity. It's great that you gave candy canes and cards that explain pay it forward to random strangers. It must have felt nerve racking to go up to random strangers and asking them to pay it forward, I know I would.

  3. Great video, Kevin. I like what you have lots to say. I hope they will pay it forward.