Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Textbook Pages # 142 - 143

This scribe post about percentages will have the answers for questions no. 3, 4 and 8.

3. Use mental math to determine each of the following:

a) 300% of 2000
b) 1 1/4% of 60
c) 0.1% of 40

a) The answer is 6000.

b) The answer is 0.75. How I got the answer, is that I used a ratio table to do this. So, here is my work:

c) The answer is 0.04. Once again, used a ratio table.

4. Use mental math to find the following:

a) 20% of 60
b) 250% of 400
c) 10 1/2% of 100

(Sorry if there isn't any pictures of how I showed my work. I tried to put up more, but when I kept on moving them around, the layout will mess up and I eventually end up deleting the picture when I press enter. I'm pretty sure you guys can figure how you can get these numbers by yourselves.)

a) The answer is 12.
b) The answer is 1000.
c) The answer is 10.5.

8. The original price of a jacket was $84.00. A store manager marked the price down by 25 1/2%. By how much was the price reduced?

The price has been reduced by $21.42. How I got this answer, is that I used a ratio table to make life easier. I divided 100 by 100, to get 1, and then multiplied it by 25.5. I did the same exact thing, only, I divided 84 by 100, which gave me 0.84. Finally, when I multiplied it by 25.5, it gave me 21.42.


  1. Great job Chelsea. Your post looks organized and clear. I like the pictures you put in to your work. Add a link or video to your post it nicer and better next time. Good job.

  2. Organized post Chelsea, It was great of you to tell us the answers and I understand that sometimes computers don't cooperate. You should also add some colors to some instructions.

  3. I liked your holiday colors that you used, but next time pick darker colors so that it still stands out and doesn't harm people's eyes.

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  5. Great job Chelsea. It looks very neat and organized. I also liked that you used color in your picture, but on 3)c, shouldn't it be divide 1 and 4 by 10 not 100. Also add a video and a link to make your post better. Other than that, great job.