Friday, March 25, 2011

Albert's Term 2 Reflection

What I learned in term 2 is about volume, surface area, and percent. Volume is a measurement of 3 dimensional space and tell how large it is, we got to learn to find the cubic squares in shapes. The surface area is the surface of the 2 dimensional space, the shapes we learned to find the surface area is a triangular prism, rectangular prism, and cylinder. What we learned about percents is about how to convert a number into a percent then into a fraction and decimal.
What I find easy to do is doing the test because I learned about it before. What I struggle in is remembering the formula for finding the surface area of a triangle because I used the wrong formula. In the next term I will try to work harder and study for a test.


  1. Great job Albert. You plainly know what your talking about. I bet you'll learn to remember the formulas, great job.

  2. Nice job Albert! Your reflection was very consice, and you explained everything well. There was a few grammar errors though, but that's okay. I hope you will remember the formulas next time, I understand they can be easy to forget, but as Ivory said, you probably won't forget about them next time.