Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sandra's Term 2 Reflection

Math term 2 reflection

This term in math we learned about Percent, Surface area, and Volume. We learned about representing percents by using hundred grids, fractions, decimals and percents, finding percent of a number and combining percents. I liked learning about percent, it’s a great skill to apply to real life situations, such as going shopping and finding tax of a price. I was pretty good at this unit, I improved on my quizzes from last term, although I didn’t do too well on my unit test. What I would like to work on is combining percents because it was a little hard for me, I think I should of did more textbook work too in that area.
The next unit we learned about was surface area. I understood this unit very well and I got 100% on all my quizzes including my unit test. This unit was certainly much more easier than the previous units, maybe because we didn’t do much problem solving and focused mainly on the formulas and diagrams. Overall, I really enjoyed this unit and I think I did exceptionally well.
The last unit we did was volume. Volume seemed to be even more easy than surface area at first, but when it came to the problem solving it required much more thinking. I loved volume, mostly because of the problems because I like to challenge my self to see if I am capable of solving them on my own, and relying on my brain. Allot of them I made mistakes on, but it was a great learning experience for me. I did really well on my tests and quizzes, which I am proud of. Again I really enjoyed this unit.
So that is what we learned about in term 2. I really improved this term, and I hope to improve further on in my math. I think that these units were pretty easy units and now I have to get myself prepared for the next ones that look more complicated such as fractions and integers, those units I struggled with last year but I hope I will do better now. We did blog work for term two, there was Final Percent post and video
Surface area of a Cylinder


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