Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shenna's Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 Reflection

I did really well on the units we did this term 2. Percents, volume and surface area are pretty easy for me to understand and learn and because of that my quizzes and tests results got higher than my results from last term. I was able to accomplish my goal from last term which is to study and practice more so I could improve my mark and I did. I worked harder and practice more answering questions from the book and so my grade this term went from 85 to 92 and I’m really proud that my hard work and effort paid off.

Well to be honest I didn’t really struggle on any of the units we did. Sure there were some questions from the book that throw me off and confuses me but after less than 12 hours with a little bit of complaining, some screaming and restless pacing I started to get it and finally answer the question.

To do better next term, I just have to keep up my good work and I have to speak up more in class which my teacher suggested.

In our units this term which are percents, surface area and volume. I’ve learned how to convert fractions into decimals or percents or the other way around. I’ve also learned that using a ratio chart when converting really helps and it’s quite convenient. For the surface area and volume I’ve learned the formulas for finding the surface area or volume of a rectangular prism, triangular prism, cylinder and cube needed to solve the questions.


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  1. Good job,Shenna! That is right just continue how you're doing right now and you'll breeze through grade 8.