Monday, March 21, 2011

Patrick's term 2 reflection

In term 2, we learned about 3 things. They were total surface area, percents and volume. We learned how to find the surface area of a triangle, cube, rectangles and cylinders. We also learned how to draw the net of an object. A net is what the shape looks like when you unfold it. It is kind of like peeling an banana. Finding the TSA for the shapes that we did was pretty easy for me. The only thing i made mistakes on were putting the units that they were supposed to be.
For percents, I did well on them too. When we were learning percents, we were pretty much just reviewing what we learned before. Like, we looked at how to convert fractions into decimals and percents. Decimals into fractions and percents. And percents into decimals and fractions.
I’m pretty sure I did really good on this term. This term was pretty easy for me. The only hard part for me, was remembering all the formulas to try and solve some questions. Like how to find the area of a cylinder just by using one formula. I was used to using separate formulas, first finding the area of the circle, then multiplying by two. Then finding the area of the rectangle for the circle. That’s how i did it. Next time, I am going to try and remember the formulas so it can be easier and quicker to solve some of the problems.


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