Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trisha's Term 2 Reflection

On term 2 we learned about Surface Area, Percent and Volume. I did well on surface area because the formulas are easy and so is Volume. Percent was diffucult for me because i didnt understand it as much as surface area and volume. The term my mark went down by four but i'll try to work harder. I also did well on the surface area and volume quizzes.

I struggled in converting the precent because iI didnt really understand how to do it. My test were sorta good but i could have done better.

I will try to do better in my tests by doing my homework and studying. I also should ask questions when I don't understand and i should offer answers when I know because i'm quiet in class.

I learned the basic formulas to find the surface area and volume. They were pretty easy just like Mr. Harbeck said. I learned that diameter if hald of a circle andthe

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