Monday, March 21, 2011

Vincent's Term 2 Reflection

This term, we learned about percents, fractions and how to convert them. After that, we learned surface area and volu,e of rectangular and triangular prisms and cylinders. I did well on converting fractions to decimals to percents because I understood what to do and I did pretty well on the the quizzes. With surface area, I had trouble when I started because I missed the beginning and I didn't remember the formulas well, but after awhile, I learnt the formulas and did better. On most of the surface area quizzes, I mostly got perfect or one or two mistakes. One thing I struggled on was finding the volume for two prisms near the end of the unit. I had trouble because I didn't understand it very well.

Next term, I'll try to improve by posting more comments on other people's posts and answering questions. I'll also try to ask more questions if I don't get something. i'll also do more homework and try to finish my work to get the marks. I will also try not to procrastinate as much as I did this term.

I learned in percen that you can use a ratio table to help you find the answer. I also learned how to convert them properly because I had a calculator. In surface area, I learned that for the formula to find TSA (Total Surface Area) for a rectangle, you can just multiply it by 2 instead of writing each measurement twice. I also learned that you have to have the exact units or you'll lose some marks. What I learned about volume was that the volume always has to be in cubic units. I also learned that you use different formulas to figure out the volume.

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