Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Raelynn's Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 Reflection

What I did well on term two was the formulas of rectangular prisms and the cylinder. I enjoyed learning about this unit, especially finding out the volume of those three shaped prisms. I did well on finishing my blog posts on time with great effort. I also had a great improvement on my quizzes and tests.

What I had struggled through term two was a bit of the triangular prisms. I’m not sure why, but probably the formula that confuses me and calculating the wrong number of it. (eg. triangle multiply by the rectangle when it was supposed to be; triangle multiply by triangle; rectangle multiply rectangle) I also need to remember to draw and label the net properly for my quizzes and tests to achieve a better mark. Overall I had done well.

What I need to improve on the next term is probably not to procrastinate on my homework that our teacher assigns us to. I know I had to remind myself countless of times - but it’s kind of like a habit. I’ll try not to do that again. That’s probably one thing I need to focus on. Another thing that I have to improve on is to boost up a better mark on my quizzes and tests. I'm still not very satisfied so I am trying my best to achieve higher marks next term. Also I need to pay more attention and discuss more when we are solving a problem in class.

For the surface area and the volume, I learned how to multiply the area of the base and the height. I also had learned the formulas to find the answer to the question. The formulas help me a lot to understand the topic and I admit it was pretty easy for me. For percents I learned how to convert them into fractions. We used a ratio chart to solve the question. Next term, I'll try my best to achieve a better mark on math.


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