Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kevin's Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 Math Reflection

This term we started with decimals, fractions, and percents. We learned how to transfer from certain forms of math terms (fractions > decimals > percents). Then we learned about surface area of an object which is just finding the different areas of a 3d shape and adding them up. Finally we finished this term off with a BIG volume section. Out of all these I think the best in volume and surface area because I got most of my homework done for those units, they were also the longest so there was more work involved. But I think I did extremely well on my tests because I’ve been getting higher grades. At the beginning of fractions,decimals, and percents we all did a video about one of the sesame street videos with edits so it involved math. This term I did better in participating in class activity as in raising my hand to share my knowledge with the class.

I think I struggled the most in completing some of the homework but I got over 70% of it done. I know I struggled in adding comments to the blog because it always slips my mind that we have to comment on A LOT of peoples blogs. I didn’t ask many questions this term so I might have had some problems. This term I didn’t participate in blogging when he asked for volunteers as much but I think I still did a pretty good job this term.

In term 3 I will try to improve in all my errors and mistakes, I will come early to finish any homework not completed. In term 3 I will raise my hand to ask my questions so I’m not sitting in class talking or fooling around. Term 3 will be the term I will start to raise my hand more and participate in ALL class activities. I will try to do even better on my tests so that my grade will improve and I will also try to comment on more blogs. As a student of Sargent Park these are my goals for term 3 which I hope to achieve.

I learned that percent means out of 100 and that to turn a percent into a fraction you just multiply by 100. There’s a variety of ways to represent percents and you can add percents together to form a bigger percentage. Surface area is just the 3 dimensional perspective of an object broken down into its individual parts, then finding the area of each shape. Depending on the shape there was a different formula. Volume is amount of space an object occupies in an area. Surface area and volume has some things in common like that they both rely on 3D objects. They both can be used for triangular prisms, rectangular prisms, cubes, and cylinders. But they have some differences, surface area is the measurement of each face of an object. While volume is how much space the whole object occupies.

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