Saturday, March 19, 2011

Suzie's Term 2 Reflection

In term 2, we learned about percents, surface area and volume. For this term, I did well on percents and volume. Surface area and volume was okay, but it was kind of confusing. Overall, I think I did really great, even though my math mark went from a 90 to a 89. I think it’s because I was mostly confused with the surface area and volume thing, but when I got it, it was easy. I did really well on my tests, and I got perfect on most of them, except for a few pesky ones.

Like I mentioned before, I struggled mostly with surface area and a bit with volume. It took me some time to get the whole surface area thing, but when I got it, it became easy. Volume started out really easy, but then it got harder with the confusing math problems. Some math problems made absolutely no sense to me, but when they were explained, I said “oooh!” The whole pipe concept was weird, but i eventually got that too. I didn’t like it when the textbook started calling a pipe something else, though. You called it a pipe first, why don’t you just stick with that!? Are you trying to confuse me?

Next term, I will do better by paying attention more, so I don’t have to ask as many stupid questions. (They’re still coming, Mr. Harbeck.) I will also try to comment more on the blog and try to do more blog work so I can get an even higher mark. I should probably study more, too. That would be a good idea. I also have to prepare my brain for confusing computer stuff like audioboo. That will be hard, though. Computers confuse the heck out of me.

I learned a lot about percents, surface area and volume. We learned how to calculate percents, and change them to fractions and decimals, and solve problems with them. With surface area, we learned how to find the surface area of cylindrical prisms, rectangular prisms (and square prisms) and triangular prisms. We learned the formula for finding it, and how to solve problems based on it. We also learned how to find the volume for those things too, and the formulas for finding it. We also solved problems to do with volume. It was pretty much like the surface area unit, except with volume.

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