Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jam's term 2 Reflection

Term 2 reflection

What I did in term 2?
In term 2 i learned about surface area, percent, and volume. I learned how to do them thanks to Mr . Harbeck our math teacher. He taught us everything we need to learned. I learned the formula of surface area of rectangle which is (2lhx2lwx2wh), triangle (bxh/2) , cylinder (2xπxrxr)+(πxrxrxh).I also learned formula of volume of a rectangle (lxwxh), triangle (bxh1/2xh2)
and cylinder (πxrxrxh).

Did you do all your work?
Yes, I did all my work but i didn’t finish some of my homework.

What will you do better next term?
I will try to finish all my homework and do better on tests and quizzes and improve my marks.

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