Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Term 2 Reflection


In Term 2 We learned about Percents, Surface area, and Volume. For the most part, I though that I did well on all three of them. Surface Area and Volume were a bit harder due to the many formulas and units we had to remember in order to solve and get full credit for quizzes and tests. Percents were easier because of my previous teachings and knowledge on the subject. Next term, I will try to keep up with blogging. I think I should comment more and make my opinions and suggestions more helpful, by suggesting sites and videos. I also think I should read my questions more carefully, and to check over my tests to see if I’m missing anything.

I learned about how to convert percents and how to use percents in our daily lives. At this point along the way we enhanced our problem solving skills. For surface area, we learned about how to calculate the total surface of different prisms and cylinders. For volume we learned how to calculate the volume of prisms and cylinders. This is basically how much is in or how many units the shape is made of. That’s also the difference between surface area and volume. Surface area is finding how much is around the shape and volume is how much a shape is made of or can hold.

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  1. Good job Anabelle! I should check my tests over too.