Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Term 2 Reflection


Term 2 ReflectionThis term I did really well! My mark improved from 60 to 93. It was a big improvement, I earned through studying. This term we did percents, surface area and volume.
For percents I did really well. My marks for tests were really well and I did all my homework and blog work. In the end of the percents unit we did a final percent video. I finished it and posted it on the blog on time. I also volunteered to post homework questions on the blog and i think that bumped up my mark by alot.
For surface area I did an awsome job especially on my tests. I passed all the tests. As I kept studying it got easier and easier, I did alot of homework and did well on all my tests. I also did homework questions from the homework book on the blog. Surface area got very easy as I got into the habit of studying alot.
In volume it was really easy! I did a good job. We had some quizzes an I did well. Volume was an easy subject.
In the end of term 2 I was satisfied with my mark. I did a really good job!

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  1. Great big improvement Hanin! A 60 to 93 is a big leap of improvement. I hope you excel again in Math and all your other subjects!