Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emily's Term 2 Reflection

I think I did well on surface area, it was by far my best unit out of the 3. This term was harder than the previous though. Mostly because of the units we did.
Decimals and percent were pretty confusing for me. I didn't really understand until the end of the unit. That didn’t do me any good because after I found out how to do it right we were onto another confusing unit. Well this unit actually wasn't as confusing, surface area is basically just memorizing formulas. So I did farely decent on that unit. I had a little trouble with volume thought but I eventually figured it out.
Blogging was kind of hard for me. You see I don't really excel in the use of computers though Mrs. Wilson calls us techno babies. I also eventually git my blog work done as well. I learned from this term that I need to pay more attention and work even harder that I am in math to get a grade satisfactory to my standards. This is what I am hopefully going to achieve in term 3.

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  1. Great job, Emily! Just a reminder that you have to add your Audioboo too.