Sunday, March 13, 2011

Term 2 Reflection


I did exceptionally well in term two especially on the unit percents. The reason for myself excelling in percents is because there were many easy and simple formulas to memorize. In addition I have encountered the subject percents back in grade six, but in a more basic form. I struggled in the unit volume because at times I would get the two heights mixed up. I would try to improve my math skills in term three by beginning to study before a test or quiz the night before and volunteer to write more difficult scribe posts. I learned that percents are out of a hundred and there is such thing as a fractional percent which is a percent less than one (ex. 7/10%). Also a percent more than one hundred exists (ex. 170%). I learned that surface area is the amount of material needed to cover an object. For example a cube that has a side of 2 cm. First, you would determine what the area of one face equals then multiply by the amount of sides there is. In this case six sides. So 2cm x 2cm = 4cm², then 4cm² x 6= 24cm². The total surface area (TSA) equals 24 cm².

The difference between surface area and volume is that surface area deals with the outer layer of an object and the amount of material is used to cover the whole thing. Also it is measured in square centimetres, metres, inches, etc. While volume deals with how much the inner part of an object can hold of something and is measured in cubed centimetres, metres, inches, etc. The common thing about them is that the length and width is needed to determine the amount of material needed.

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