Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Term 2 Reflection

This term was quite difficult for me, we have learned about Surface area, Percent, and Volume. On weekly test and quizzes i did fairly well. We also have leaned about representing percents by using hundred grids, fraction, decimals and percent. Finding percent of a number and also combining percent. I like converting fractions into a percent, because I like looking at percent in a different form. On to surface area, I understand doing surface area more than percent because I have found this unit very interesting and very easy at times. I done fairy well on my weekly test and quizzes. I also had trouble with some of the question from the homework book and the textbook during the unit when we were learning about volume.

My goals for next term. I will try to do better next term, by studying more for test and quizzes and completing all of my blog post. And I will also try to ask questions during class if I don't understand something. Lastly I have notice that asking question to your teacher and classmates can be very helpful.

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