Monday, March 21, 2011

Chelsea's Term Two Reflection

What I have learnt in term 2 is, that I learnt about percent, surface and volume. What I think I did well in these units is probably the quizzes and tests, since they were fairly easy in my opinion. I also did my scribe assignments and did all my homework from the textbook and the homework book. As well as the problems that Mr. Harbeck gave us to do from the blog.

What I struggled in this term is probably some of the tests, since I got a low but passing mark on them. I also had trouble with some questions from the homework book and the textbook during the unit when we were learning about surface area, since I missed a couple of classes about it, but I managed to be able to get through with some help.

I will try and do better next term, by completing all my homework assignments and doing all my blog posts ahead of time so that my current term 2 mark can improve. I will also try my best to study and review more often before quizzes and tests so that I can improve on my marks for that as well.

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