Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paulo's Great Big Book Of Integers

Chapter 1 Grade 7 Integer Review.

A zero pair is when you have a postive and a negative which when added creates 0.
ex. (+6)+(-6) (+16)+(-16) (+10)+(-10) (+63)+(-63)

Grade 7 Integers.

(+) Positive means you have.
(-) Negative means you owe.
( ) The brackets are like training wheels.
The standard form of integers is +5-5.
The pure standard form is 5-5.

Chapter 2 Multiplying Integers

If the brackets are touching, you have to multiply.
ex. (+2)x(+4) or (+2)(+4) or 2(+4) <- Standard Form.

You can use repeated edition to solve/answer.
ex. (+2)+(+2)+(+2)+(+2) or (+4)+(+4)

(+2)x(+4)=(+8) OR 2 groups of 4 is 8.

If the first number is a negative, you need to multiply the two numbers and then you have to remove.

Chapter 3 Dividing Integers

(+15)/(+3), 15/3, how many groups of 3 are in 15?, how many 3's go into 15?

Partative Division is when you divide into parts

Quotative Division is when you make groups

Chapter 4 Order of Operations with Integers

You can solve (+5)x(-3)+(-6)/(+3) by using bedmas.

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  1. Good job, Paulo! I really liked the way you color coded the chapters, but next time use more subtle colors.