Friday, March 25, 2011

Ivorys term 2 Reflection

In term 2 we learned about percent,surface area and volume.
We learned how to find percents and represent them as fractions and decimals. We also learned to show percents on a 100 grid and how to use percent with tax prices.
We learned how to find the surface area of rectangular prisms, triangular prisms and cylinders. To help us we made nets and 3D shapes to help us find the surface area.
In volume we learned how to find the cubic squares in a shape.

I found it very easy to do all this, my tests were nearly perfect without studying but I never did any homework. In class I would help others to understand what they needed to do but I hardly did any textbook work. I didn’t do the blog, I didn’t scribe, I didn’t comment and even though I’m doing it now, don’t expect me to keep doing it.

Next term I’m probably not going to be any different with my work habits, but truthfully, I hardly know myself so maybe I will. Old habits die hard.

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  1. Good for you Ivory, you actually posted something! I enjoyed how honest your were about your work habits, however I strongly encourage you to start doing more work, you are really intelligent and I think you should work hard to reach your full potential and to recieve a mark that can reflect on your intelligence. Overall great job!